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The purpose of this page is for those who have knowledge or some knowledge of editing wiki's. We have very specific ways of editing this wiki and it is important that everyone follows the rules and guidelines that the Wiki Team has laid out.


  • When you want to create a new page, say there is a new shirt in the game, first go to the correct category page, which is Shirts and put the name of the shirt in the "Create an article in this category" bar, this is in the right hand corner of the page, and click submit. It automatically uploads that items template and all you have to do is enter the info of the item. Some items fall under two or more categories, just add those at the bottom of the page.
  • As more and more content is added to the game, some of you will want to update those items on the wiki. Before doing so please make sure you do not make duplicate pages, and check to make sure that page has not already been made. Please pay careful attention to what category you place the items/opponents/stores/new adventures in.
  • Before editing anything read this page:Established Standards. It shows how we make tables, how pages are organized, and what information is expected to be filled in. If you ever get stuck or confused please refer to this page before sending a question to the wiki team.
  • A major part of the work that is done on the wiki is gathering enough information on pages to make them complete. When a page is incomplete, for instance stats need spading type this at the top of the page: {{Page/NeedsSpading}}. If a page needs more work done on it type this in at the top: {{Page/NeedsWork}}. Also if a page needs more content added to it, type this at the top of the page: {{Page/NeedsContent}}.
  • If you are good at math or have free time and enjoy spading there are plenty of pages that are in the categories listed below that are not yet spaded and need more information to be complete. Once these pages have all of the information that the page calls for, the {{Page/NeedsSpading}} or {{Page/NeedsWork}} or {{Page/NeedsContent}} can be removed from the top of that page. Click on the pages below to see what pages need to be worked on.


  • Wiki Wacky Taffies are handed out to players who contribute correct information to the wiki, and we do check for consistency, so help out as much as you would like to and you will be rewarded for your efforts.
  • Please understand that when new content comes out and pages are made incorrectly the Wiki Team will delete these pages, so it is important for everyone to follow the simple rules that have been laid out above.

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