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There are several types of adventures that you will experience in Paradox! The Musical: Combat adventures, Choice adventures, and Non-combat adventures.

  • Combat adventures: You will have an opponent to defeat.
  • Actions: You may attack with a weapon, use an item, or chicken out.
    • Attack with weapon: Attack with the weapon you currently have equipped
    • Use item: Use an item that you have in your backpack. If you have an item that may be used in combat, you will see it listed in the box. Choose the item you want to use, and then click “attack”.
    • Chicken out: If you do not want to fight an opponent, you may click the “chicken out” button.

If you have attacked the opponent you will get to see some new information: your attack, your opponent attack, and rewards.

  • Your attack: Shows what damage you have done to your opponent.
  • Opponent attack: Shows what damage was caused by your opponent.
  • Rewards: You may receive moolah, stats, or items for defeating an opponent.

When you have defeated your opponent, have been defeated, or have chickened out, you have new actions choices of “Do It Again!” or “Go back to…”

  • Do It Again! Do It Again: If you want spend another turn in the same location, click here.
  • Go back to “current area”: If you want to go back to the map for that location.

Choice adventures:

You will see two or more buttons. The outcome is determined by which button you choose. After you click on your choice, you will see if you received moolah, stats, or items.

Non-combat adventures:

You have no control over what happens to you. You may receive and increase or decrease to moolah, stats, items, HP, TP, or effects duration. You will see a message that states the outcome of the non-combat adventure.

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