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Not the whole cat's pajamas, obviously, but the pants, which are completely the wrong size and shape for your average kitty. Plus, most cats have better taste than that, even if they *do* lick their own... nevermind. The point is that these pants will grant you the astounding ability to sleep curled up in a tiny little ball on top of your dresser, purring gently all the while. Thus clearly improving your night's rest and granting you extra energy for tomorrow.

As an added bonus, these pants will significantly improve your style, finesse and overall coolness. Because wearing pajama pants during the day has that effect, you know..

Type: pant
Defence: 100
Autosell value: N/A

Cannot be discarded
Cannot be autosold
Can be traded
Can be stored

Outfit name: N/A

Plural: pairs of Cat's Pajama Pants
Bonus: +10 turns at intermission, +10% to Bravado

Obtained From


"The Cat's Pajamas" is a phrase from the 1920's meaning great.


  • The pants's bonus turns can go above the 250 turn cap at intermission.


CommanderMack - 1 | art_bohemia - 1 | Diarmuid - 1 | jupider - 1 | Grokly - 1 | unknownZ - 1

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