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The purpose of this page is to keep track of all the featured articles for use on the main page. These articles are written by users of the Paradox Wiki, and therefore, any registered user may create one, please follow the instructions and guidelines below.

To create a new article create a page called: FEATURED <title of article here>

Article should be kept to a maximum of two full paragraphs. Make sure key words are enclosed with [[ ]] so that they can link to other pages on the wiki. Articles can be written by anyone on any topic, but please do not repeat topics. If an article looks like it could use more information, wiki users are allowed to edit the articles to make them more in-depth. If writing an article on items,opponents,locations, or any other topic that has an image please add the image to the article. Articles will be rotated every month and depending upon if there are any events or holidays that are coming up.