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Combat Items

Item Name
Successful Use
Obtained from
Abomb.png acorn bomb Deals 2-6 Damage Kamikaze flying squirrel
Dullwool.png ball of dull coloured wool Deals 12-20 Damage Lucky Dip!
Xmasgrenade.png bauble grenade Deals Damage Bulging sack and Yule present. Always 100% successful
Booboo.png Boo-boo B-Gone strips Restores 5-12 HP The Pharmacologicopaediatorium Not consumed if HP is full.
Drool.png bottle of drool Restores 3-15 HP Junkyard dog Restores up to 20 HP outside of combat
Burncream.png Burn cream Restores 10-25 HP The Pharmacologicopaediatorium
Whoopass.png can of whoop-ass Deals 14-20 Damage A Master Miner
Bloddchalice.png chalice of badly faked blood Decreases enemy hit chance Occultist
Fartbag.png Fart-In-A-Bag Prevents opponent's next attack Games of Skill Was That You?
Hairball.png furball Deals 22-28 Damage + Skips opponent attack Schrodinger cat
Jydtag.png junkyard dog-tag Deals 10-18 Damage Junkyard dog
Hibounce.png Mi-T-Bounce(TM) rubber ball Deals 12-20 Damage Prize Booth Hits up to 3 times and is recovered after combat
Valentinecard.png musical valentine Restores up to 25 TP L.O.V.E. Bling Restores up to 50 TP outside of combat. Not consumed if TP is full.
Offpitchpipe.png off-pitch pipe Increases Opponent Level +5 Sharp miner
Aurarocks.png panned aura rocks Deals 35-50 Damage Mine Camp F with a gold-panning pan equipped
Pgnfeathr.png poisonous pigeon feather Deals 2-6 Poison Damage Poisonous pigeon
Badjoke.png really bad joke Deals 21-39 Groan Damage RCJG-4000 Knock Knock
Snakepick.png snakehead guitar pick Deals 5-12 Damage Hard rock snake KICKAPOOOOOO!
Usedgum.png used chewing gum Prevents opponent's next attack The Trousers of Time
Waterbomb.png water balloon Deals Water Damage Games of Skill Consumed to avoid getting the Missing Kidney effect.
Laseremit.png weak laser emitter Deals 1-10 Damage + Inflicts Damage + Prevents Opponent's attack Rather annoying robodog Inflicted damage scales with your level.


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