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The Paradox! game world can be a very entertaining, but sometimes intimidating and even scary place. No, not really, but that sounds impressive, right?

Anyway, we have put together a collection of documentation, designed not to walk you through everything (that would be silly), but to help players to understand the basics of the game and the various things you can do and, hopefully, how to do them.

If you're brand new to the game, we suggest you start with the Getting Started Guide and go from there.

Getting Started

New to the game? Here is where you will find all the basic info you will need to start playing Paradox! The Musical:

Moving About The Game

Want to know how to move around and use the character pane? Click below for details on how to do so:


Below are links with details about how to chat and interact with others. Also a list of rules and regulations for chatting is below please read them carefully and abide by the rules set by the administrators.

See Also

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