Extra turns at intermission

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The following items give extra turns during intermission.

Turn Table

Item Image Type Turns Increases Max Turns
Promise Ring of Content Promisering.png Ring 15 Yes
Cat's Pajama Pants Jamapants.png Pant 10 Yes
Karmic Chameleon Belt* Chameleonbelt.png Belt 10 Yes
Wiki Wacky Wristwatch Wikiwatch.png Bling 10 No
Alpha launch souvenir t-shirt Alphashirt.png Shirt 3 No
Jolly black belt Santabelt.png Belt 3 Unknown
Golden Chick Goldenchick.png Accessory 3 No
Better than you medal Medalolmp.png Bling 2 Unknown
Shiny piece of ingenious rock Shinyrock.png Accessory 1 Unknown
"You shamROCK" badge Ushamrockbadge.png Bling 1 Yes
Dyreland Forever! pin Dfbutton.png Bling 1 Unknown


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