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Festooned with shiny blinking lights, this clever device is able to not only dispense, but also brew enough festive spirit to keep you supplied with glasses of cheer for the rest of your life. Sure, they're small glasses, but they're potent and really, really festive.

Type: device
Autosell value: N/A

Cannot be discarded
Cannot be autosold
Can be traded
Can be stored

Plural: Festive Drinks Dispencers

Obtained From

When Used

You place an appropriate glass under the spout, shout "Go, go, festive spirit dispenser!"

Feeling mildly foolish, you then press the "go" button, which is much more sensible.

After a few seconds of humming, whirring and clanking, the dispenser dispenses a liquid that's almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.



  • This is a permanent device.
  • Dispenses up to three festive spirit drinks per day at a cost of 5 TP per drink.


  • The phrase "Go, go, festive spirit dispenser!" is a reference to the 1983 cartoon Inspector Gadget. Whenever he used one of his gadgets, he would say "Go-Go-Gadget..."


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