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In an offshoot of the Zweit-Childer Mine, you lose your footing and stumble into a pit, where there's an upturned mining cart with a broken front axle, some piles of rubble, and a pretty cool-looking but also huge and scary snake.

After close examination of the cart, the broken axle appears to have been caused by a lack of grease on a squeaky wheel, which is all very interesting, until you remember the gigantic SNNAAAAKKKE!

Opponent Level Information

Opponent Level:30

Power Level:

Attack Rating: 30

Defence Rating: 30


Combat Messages

Initiative Message:

  • You manage to sneak up on it.

Jump Message:

  • It senses your presence and whips around to face you!
  • It gets the drop on you!

Successful Attack(s):

Missed Attack(s):

  • It tries to smack you in the Body parts but isn't a very good smacker and misses!
  • It tries to whack you in the Body parts but isn't a very good whacker and misses!
  • It attempts to punch you in the Body parts but can't quite manage it!
  • It tries to punch you in the Body parts but isn't a very good puncher and misses!





  • The snake can apparently attempt to punch you, despite not having fists.


  • The name is a reference to a chain of bar-restaurants founded in 1971 know as Hard Rock Cafes
  • The description makes reference to the idiom "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."
  • The image of the snake is in the likeness of Slash [1].

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