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Image Pet
Doyathinkso.png Amazing Rocking Horse Organ extender Doyathinkso.png amazing rocking horse Does damage to opponent, drops Sweet lemonade, sometimes adds chat messages when the word filter is triggered
Bathbuddy.png Bath Buddy Rubber showercap Bathbuddy.png bath buddy Gives bonus stats at end of combat
Onefishtwofish.png Barbaric Betta Tiny trident Onefishtwofish.png BETA fish Attacks, blocks attacks, drops up to 3 LifeSpark Shards a day.
Ebriophant.png Ebriositatic Elephant Hairless gin Ebriophant.png ebriositatic elephant Attacks opponent
Germoraffe.png Germophobic Giraffe Long-necked sweater Germoraffe.png germophobic giraffe HP gain during combat
Hithitpass.png Heuristic Hookah Disposable mini-Dic Hithitpass.png pocket hookah Increases Moolah Drops, drops up to 3 LifeSpark Shards per day.
Placypus.png Placable Platypus Waterproof fedora Placypus.png Placable platypus Increases Item Drops and Moolah Drops
Parrotox.png Parrot-Ox iPatch Parrotox.png Parrot-ox Sometimes adds a piratey Chat effect
Prestipudding.png Prestidigitational Pudding Sawnoff shotgun Prestipudding2.png prestidigitational pudding Attacks and blocks attacks. Occasionally drops food items.
Shameepette.png Sweet Shameepette Wee pot 'o gold Shameepette.png shameepette Increases Item Drops and Moolah Drops, drops up to 3 LifeSpark Shards per day.
Notintheface.png Carved Child Miniature blue superhero doll Notintheface.png Wooden boy Increases Item Drops, drops up to 3 LifeSpark Shards per day.

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