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Not content with your standard pair of tasteful fluffy dice, the manufacturers of this item have instead decided to construct an elaborate clockwork/electronic gadget which, when activated, displays a holographic representation of.. well, a pair of fluffy dice.

It's clever, intricate and beautiful, but there's no immediately apparent way to hang it from your mirror.

Type: device
Autosell value: N/A

Cannot be discarded
Cannot be autosold
Can be traded
Can be stored

Plural: holographic pairs o' diceses

Obtained From

When Used

If you have already rolled snake eyes

You open up the device, but instead of the usual pair o' dice, you see a pair o' evil looking red snake eyes. Looks like you need to wait until later before you can use this again.

The dice will remain unusable until after intermission.

If you have not already rolled snake eyes

You open up the device and the image of two dice floats into view before your eyes. Fancy! You press the button and the dice begin to spin in mid-air. After several seconds, and plenty of ooh-ing and ahh-ing on your part, the dice stop spinning....

The numbers on the dice add up to n.

If n is 2: (2.78% chance)

Snake Eyes! Oh, man, that sucks.

If n is more than 2 the following message is displayed before the normal number's message: (97.22% chance)

The device begins to hum, and the air around you seems to become electrically charged. And then it stops.

If n is 3: (5.56% chance)

You feel a slight rumbling in your stomach, and feel a little bit lighter.

  • Stomach is reduced by 3

If n is 4: (8.33% chance)

You become : Fiscally Aware (20 Turns)

If n is 5: (11.11% chance)

You acquire an effect: Critical Care (20 turns)

If n is 6: (13.89% chance)

Huh? What was all that about?

If n is 7: (16.67% chance)

If n is 8: (13.89% chance) You acquire an effect: Powered Up (20 turns)

If n is 9: (11.11% chance) Within a few seconds, a random passerby wanders up to you, hands you a wad of Moolah without saying a word, and wanders away again, scratching his head. Weird.

If n is 10: (8.33% chance) You acquire an effect: Hawkeyed (20 turns)

If n is 11: (5.56% chance) The pressure in your bladder decreases slightly.

  • Bladder is reduced by 3

If n is 12: (2.78% chance)


  • This is a permanent device.
  • The TP Cost increments with each usage, according to the tetrahedral formula: TP Cost = ((n)(n+1)(n+2))/6, for the nth use of the dice each day. The first couple sequences of TP Cost is as follows: 1, 4, 10, 20, 35, 56, 84, 120, 165, 220, 286, 364, 455.



Impalix - 2 | INVISIBLE - 1 | MasTechno - 1 | HolderofSecrets - 1 | unknownZ - 1 | OinkOink08 - 1 | underscore - 1

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