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Being the pinnacle of culinary couture, wearing this toque is bound to make any novice feel like a fully trained chef. It imbues its wearer with cuisinier expertise and allows him or her to mysteriously create a variety of delicacies seemingly out of thin air. It's also likely to help you build up the muscles in your neck and shoulder area because, in the words of your uncle, "this thing is damn heavy!"

Type: hat
Defence: 60
Autosell value: N/A

Cannot be be discarded
Cannot be be autosold
Can be be traded
Can be be stored

Outfit name: N/A

Plural: iron toque's
Bonus: +10% to Brawn, +15% to Food Drops, +15% to Drink Drops, spontaneously creates special food items when cooking, reduces turns required to make food recipes

Obtained From

Item Creations


  • When a special food item is made this message appears: A sudden wave of inspiration overcomes you. It's almost like you're being driven by some kind of mystical force... or a small rodent. Before you know it, you've created a dish of pure culinary genius. Bork! Bork! Bork!


  • The Bork! Bork! Bork! is a reference to The Muppet's character Swedish Chef[1]
  • The bit about a rodent controlling you is a reference to Disney Pixar's Ratatouille[2].
  • References Iron Chef, the Japanese cooking contest show, which was remade by Food Network in America as Iron Chef America. The Chairman yells: "in the words of my uncle - Allez Cuisine!" (meaning 'Go cook!'). It's heavy because it's made of Iron. And you create things out of thin air, much as they do on that show.


art_bohemia - 6 | jimmyBUFFET - 2 | Werecat - 1 | McFeisty - 1 | CommanderMack - 1 | Grokly - 1

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