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Paradox has several types of moolah drops that vary on the way they drop or don't drop moolah. There are the monsters that have a base moolah drop independent of any stats you may have but are still affected by your effect's and equipment's moolah drop increasers. There are also moolah drops that aren't affected by stats, effects, or equipments moolah drop increasers. Then there are moolah drops that scale to your stats and are affected by your effect's and equipment's moolah drop increasers. Below are items, HoloPets and effects that can increase or decrease moolah drops while adventuring.

Moolah Drop Enhancers

Image Item Name Source Type Extra Moolah Duration Obtained From
Placypus.png Placable Platypus Holopet +1-178.8% Always Holopet
Whitecandy.png White sugar Food Effect +50% 50 Turns Consumable
Shotpudding.png Plump Pudding Drink Effect +25% 20 Turns Consumable
Battledrone.png Battlescout(TM) combat drone Equipment +15% Always Accessory
Keylite.png flashlight keychain Equipment +10% Always Accessory
Dicegen.png Fiscally Aware Device Effect +10% 20 turns Device
Good Fortune Adventure Effect +10% 10 turns Choice Adventure
Mailshirt2.png Dazzling chain-mail shirt Equipment +5% Always Shirt
Alphabag2.png empty alpha launch souvenir goodies bag Equipment +5% Always Off-Hand Item
Tengallonhat.png 37.85-litre hat Equipment +5% Always Hat
Santahat.png Jolly red hat Equipment +5% Always Hat
Luckyring.png lucky ring Equipment +5% Always Ring
Positive Karma Adventure Effect +5% 5 turns Choice Adventure
Goldpan.png Gold-panning pan Item +3% Always Off Hand Item
Chaunpants.png Leprechaun britches Equipment +3% Always Pants
Chameleonbelt.png Karmic Chameleon Belt Item +3% With Chaunpants.png Belt
Chauncoat.png Leprechaun waistcoat Equipment +3% Always Shirt
Xdspecs.png X-D specs Equipment +3% Always Accessory
Chaunshoes.png Leprechaun boots Equipment +2% Always Shoes
Chaunhat.png Leprechaun hat Equipment +2% Always Hat
Sturdyring.png sturdy gold ring Equipment +2% Always Ring
Blingtoof.png Lucky grilles Equipment +1% Always Downtown
Negative Karma Adventure Effect -5% 5 turns Choice Adventure
Heuristic Hookah HoloPet ??% Always LifeSpark HoloPets


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