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Hello! On behalf on of the Wiki Team, we would like to welcome you to the official wiki for Paradox! the Musical. This page is set up for new users to the wiki, so you can learn your way around and if you are interested in helping, you can learn the rules of editing the wiki. To start off you will follow some simple instructions listed below to help you navigate your way around the wiki, if you get stuck you can always send us an email by clicking on the "contact us" link on the left side of the screen. If you are a new user to the game, please click here.

Create An Account

If you would like to be a member of the wiki, click on the log in/become a member link in the upper right hand corner. Membership is always free. After creating account you must verify your email address before you can edit the wiki and more options will become available to you after doing so. It is very important that you use your in-game user name as your wiki user name in-case we need to correspond with you in the future ie: give you wiki wacky taffies for wiki contributions and/or send you pmails if you are having problems with the wiki.


Getting around the wiki and finding what information what you need is fairly easy. For instance we have the "Quick Links" heading on every page, under the quick links are the major pages of the wiki and clicking on those will take you to many other pages depending on what you are looking for. Also on the left hand side of the screen there is a search bar, if you are looking for something specific that you saw in the game type it in and hit GO, if you are looking for something that is more generalized type it in and hit search and it will bring up a listing of pages that have the keyword on it.


References can be a new users first taste of editing because it is very easy to do in a quick amount of time and it can be fun to try to find the hidden references in the game. Every single opponent and item has a reference or two, so if you see one while adventuring please be sure to put it on its wiki page. To do so, go to any page and click the edit button, then scroll down to where you see the reference heading. After that type in the reference, if you would like to post a link click on the world icon just in the upper left corner of this text box and type in your link address. Please make sure that all references are correct when putting them onto the wiki.

A reference is incomplete unless it explains how it is a reference. Always explain your reference and add links for more information. If a song lyric is referenced, include the lyric. If a movie referenced, briefly describe the situation in the movie, etc. If a band/movie/album/game/book is mentioned in the reference, link it, preferably to Wikipedia. An unexplained and unlinked reference is useless to everyone and can annoy the makers of the game since they put hard work into thinking these references up. Mention where the reference is located on the page, such as the item description, message when consumed, attack message, etc.

Write references in complete sentences, using proper capitalization. You do not always say "is a reference to" or "refers to", for it gets repetitive. Feel free to mix it up using things like "is from", "alludes to", "is a play on", or some other synonym. Always start a reference with a bullet, as more references may be added. Italicize the names of movies, books, poems, albums, and video games. Song titles, lyrics, and quotes should be enclosed in quotation marks.

Things Not To Do

Blocked Account

There are certain actions that an account holder can take to prevent from having their account blocked: 1. Do not create pages without following the instructions listed on the Advanced User Portal. 2. Do not insert information into the wiki that has nothing to do with the game. 3. Do not edit any other players user pages without their permission, and do not put any profanity on a users page. 4. Never under any circumstances delete an entire page that has content on it, even if it is incorrect, this will be handled by the Wiki Team only. Now of course there are degrees of punishments and all of these will come with a warning the first time it happens, but the second and third time that it occurs, account blockage will take place along with an email. We do take into account for new user error so please do not be worried that your account will be blocked or banned for making a mistake. The Wiki Team looks for those users who deliberately continue to disobey the rules and guidelines that have been laid out. After the 5th blockage of your account, you will be banned from the wiki.

Banned Account

Spamming is strictly prohibited. Spamming the pages of this wiki will cause your account to be banned indefinitely and your IP address will be blocked forever.


  • Wiki Wacky Taffies are handed out to players who contribute correct information to the wiki, and we do check for consistency, so help out as much as you would like to and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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