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Here is a list of questions frequently asked by new players. If the answer to your question isn't here, either ask in chat or on the forums on the appropriate board, or try checking our wiki (the link is under your misc menu).

What is this game?

This game is a free browser based game where you fight opponents for items and currency and complete quests for rewards. There are many different chat rooms, including one where players run their own little games. Currently, the game is in what is called Public Alpha stage, which means that it is still being developed and isn't finished yet so please bear with us.

This game will always be free to play but it costs real life money to keep it going so donations are always accepted. You can do this through the Donate link under your Misc menu. This will direct you to PayPal where, for every full $10 USA donation, you will receive what is called a Token of Appreciation that you can sell, spend or equip for varying bonuses.

What are respect points?

If you have chatted to or dealt with another player and you feel friendly toward them, go onto their profile and show them your respect. If you are having problems with someone, show them your disrespect. This system shows others roughly what a player is like and what others think of them. DO NOT abuse this system by using several accounts to show disrespect or respect as this will get you banned for multi abuse. Also, don't ask for peoples respect... it's a good way to get disrespect.

How do I contact other players?

You can do this by speaking to them in chat publicly, private messaging them, P-mailing them. You can also send trades to other players too. All of these are explained below.

Chat Publicly – There are 2 links at the bottom of your page to get you into chat. 1 is a stand alone window and the other one loads in the box at the bottom next to the links.

Private Message – Once you are in chat, right click on any other player for a list of in chat functions, including private messaging.

P-mail – This just stands for Paradox Mail and it is like internal email. At the top of your page, you have many drop down menus. Run your pointer over the one that says 'Mail' and other options will drop down. This where you receive mail sent to you, send mail to other players, and send and receive trade offers.

What do peoples chat icon colours mean?

To your right in chat there is a list of all players currently logged into the channel that you are occupying. A bold icon means they are in that channel, a faded icon means that they are listening to it. Here is what the different icons mean.

Homer SimpsonGobberwart (Game creator and your god.)

Black icons – Devs (People who work hard to create the game you play.)

Purple icons – Senior Mods (Moderators who will kick out the spammers and asshats of chat. Currently there are only 3 Senior Mods)

Red icons – Mods (These people will also kick out the spammers and asshats. They report to the senior mods.)

Multi-coloured iconSpiff. (She is just awesome so she needs her own icon.)

Green icons – Everyone Else! - (The heart and soul of the game. If it weren't for these people, the rest would have nothing to do.)

What chat channels exist?

Well there is a full list of channels and chat commands on the wiki but to see which ones you have access to, just type /channels into the chat box. To get to these channels, just type /c [channel name].

How do I find a particular player?

If you are looking for someone and you know their user name, just look to the left of your game screen and you will see a drop down list with a box underneath. Select 'Search for player' and then type in their name or PID (Player ID) number.

How do I get an avatar on my profile?

You first need to get a Token of Appreciation (see below), then you need to go to the top of your page and roll your pointer over the 'Account' menu. Click on the link that says avatar and it will take you through it. Paying 1 token means that you can store up to 5 pre-approved avatars which you can switch between at any time, or upload new ones and use them when they are approved by a Senior Mod or a Dev.

How do I get Moolah and items?

Go around killing opponents and finding quests to complete. You definitely will NOT get any by going into chat and asking for it. More than likely you will get a warning, then a ban.

You can also set up a store for 50,000 Moolah or use the /trade channel to sell your unwanted items.

How do I donate / How do I get a Token of Appreciation?

See the 'What is this game' section for how to donate.

You can also get tokens by buying them from the mall or trading with other players in the /trade channel.

Can I be a Mod/Dev?

Simple answer, no. Mods and Devs are usually chosen based on length of service to Paradox and the quality of the contributions that they bring to it. You can be your own Mod by using the /ignore chat function, and you can be your own Dev by using the Suggestions forum on the Paradox Forum.

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