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The purpose of this page is to help keep track of all current projects on the wiki. As always, try to empty the Needs Work, and Needs Content categories. New pages often need to be examined upon release of new game content.

Item Drop Percentages

There are still some opponents who need their item drop percentages spaded. Please see: NeedsSpading for details.


The paradox wiki team has decided to feature on the main page of the wiki articles about the game. These can include anything from items to holidays to basic game play. If you are interested in writing an article please go to the Featured Articles page and follow the instructions on that page.

Opponent Level

Most of you will notice that all of the Opponents have the needs spading banner on their pages, this is because we havent figured out how to determine opponent levels, defence levels, etc.. if you are interested in helping us figure this out please contact a member of the Wiki Team

Navigation Bar

Certain areas of the Navigation Bar/Menu Bar page need to be updated.


A new category has been added to show which pages need their references spaded. Please click: here to help spade these pages. As always Wiki Wacky Taffy will be given to those who contribute.

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