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This page shows all of the updates that happened in 2010.

January 15th

  • Tonight's intermission will be longer than normal while I implement a huge pile of security and performance improvements, and a couple of minor extra features. Expect intermission to be around 30 minutes, possibly more or less depending on whether or not there are problems.

January 16th

  • A ridiculously large number of changes have finally made it through testing (thanks testers!) and have been rolled out here. If all's well, you won't actually notice any difference, except that the game might be a little bit more responsive, and it's definitely a lot more secure. Exciting stuff, isn't it? In other news, last month's Limited Edition Item has had its drop mechanic modified, and a few things have been tweaked here and there.
  • If anyone is having trouble logging on (and is reading this), please refresh your browser. There have been some security-related changes to the way the game handles logging in which might cause a problem for some people the first time if they're still using the old login page.
  • There is currently an issue with older versions of the Safari web browser, at least on Mac OS. I'll fix it as soon as I can work out how.
  • The issue with Safari should now be fixed, BUT you may need to refresh your browser (again) to make sure you're using the latest version of everything, and maybe log out and back in again. Any further issues (after you've tried that) please let me know.

January 17th

  • By special request from Spiff, Wiki Wacky Taffies are no longer autosellable.
  • I just made a minor tweak to the security settings added recently. Some page refreshing might be needed to make the game work if you were just logged in
  • In case you haven't noticed, there's a new option available in your account menu to automatically save a copy of all sent messages. It's turned off by default, but feel free to turn it on.

January 24th

  • New Senior Chat Moderator positions have been announced. The new Senior Moderator group is MasTechno #777, Trogdorable #1022 and Sallyfox #1245. Please welcome our new chat overlords!

February 1st

  • A rather nasty bug related to stashed moolah and reset restrictions has been found by CommanderMack and has now been fixed, but I have no way of telling exactly who's been affected. If you have had reset restrictions imposed over the past few weeks and have received moolah via pmail, check your stash currency and let me know if it's not right. In other news, due to the severity of the bug, I'll be sending CommanderMack a shiny new bugzapper shortly.

February 7th

  • New login page and theme have been updated in the game. If you find anything looks wrong, it may be because your browser has cached some old files. Hit Ctrl+F5 (most browsers) to do a full refresh, clear your temporary files etc. etc. You know the drill by now. In other news, the new Limited Edition Item will be released in around 12 hours from now. If you want to get a Flashcube, now's the time to do it.
  • In case you haven't noticed, all inventory sections (except for showcase) are now collapsible, and the game will remember the state you left the sections in between sessions, albeit only on the same browser/computer. Handy for those who have a lot of stuff and don't like to scroll.
  • The new Limited Edition Item is now available from the Token Gear (TM) store in the mall (with thanks to CommanderMack).

February 13th

  • Want to know what we're up to when we're not posting updates? Check out the Paradox twitter feed at It's riveting stuff. No really.

February 14th

  • There may or may not be some kind of Valentine's day content somewhere about the city. Seriously, I'm not allowed to elaborate, which means... well, that's all I have to say about that.

February 20th

  • At around mid-day game time tomorrow (10th Dromedary 2012) I will be putting the game into maintenance mode for half an hour or so to make some significant database changes. I'll try to post updates on the paradox twitter feed, which you can follow at

Fedruary 21st

  • I believe that the silly, apparently-random "Inline chat sometimes doesn't start" bug has been squished in the latest version of the chat (0.7.23) but you'll probably need to refresh your browser to get it to work properly.
  • The latest update has made some extremely significant changes to the way the game stores information about your adventuring. While it's been tested pretty thoroughly, please look out for anything that refers to historical data that seems incorrect. That's things like favourite locations/opponents/equipment, award qualification, leaderboards etc. If you find anything, please report a bug.
  • Site maintenance is complete and, so far as I can tell, 100% successful. There was much rejoicing. Yay.

February 26th

  • I just updated something. You'll know what it is without really trying. At least, those of you who've been here more than a year will. And unless you're Jesus who doesn't notice a damned thing.

February 28th

  • Congratulations to two of Paradox's original sweethearts, BeastyClaire & Travoltus, as they become husband and wife today. "To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you're wrong, admit it; whenever you're right, shut up." - Ogden Nash

March 16th

  • Tonight's Intermission may be slightly longer than normal while we update a few things. If all goes well, it should only be about 5 minutes longer.

March 17th

  • The combat item hit/miss calculations have been... well, not nerfed so much as fixed. Let's call them "tweaked". Yes, let's.
  • When fighting, your opponent's power meter now more accurately reflects your opponent's power compared to your own. A value of 1 (the minimum) means you're hugely overpowered compared to your opponent, while a value of 99 (the maximum) means the exact opposite. A value of 50 means you're pretty evenly matched.
  • Please to be thanking you very very much, but we are being having some special contents for today's holidays. To be being sure. Sorry, I just can't do an Irish accent.

March 18th

  • Riley has once again left Paradox City, taking with him a gigantic stack of shamrocks. By way of thanks, he's left everyone who helped him a little gift. Check your inventory. Yes, we even used the same update message as last year. Bet you can guess what the gift is. Or can you?
  • Due to confusion, tiredness, lateness and, yes, general incompetence on my part, Riley's gift delivery was somewhat bungled last night. Never fear! All should now be well, although some of you may need to re-equip a certain something.

March 19th

  • There have been some changes in and around Zweit-Childer Mine, including a new zone and some new items and stuff. Enjoy.
  • Just fixed a bug where items that modify your or your opponent's stats in the middle of a fight wouldn't take effect until the next combat round.

March 21st

  • Items marked as "giftable" but not "tradeable" can now be sent via pmail, but not through the trade system. Which is how they were always meant to work.
  • The /flamewars chat channel is no more. It's a joyous day for everyone's mom.
  • If anyone's having trouble getting chat to start, perform a full refresh (shift+refresh for most browsers) and make sure chat is at least v0.7.26. If it still doesn't work, report a bug with as much detail as you can.

March 26th

  • You might notice the word "Paracite" in various places throughout the game. This is not a slur on anyone, rather it's the very first sign of the existence of character class titles. A "Paracite" (not a parasite) is simply a citizen of Paradox City without a character class. That is all, for now.

March 28th

  • Sallyfox's chat even begins in just under 1 hour! Come into chat for two hours of good company and great prize giveaways, and don't forget to tune into Radio Free Xangaka for extra good fun happiness time!
  • Did I say 'even'? I meant 'event' obviously. Or maybe I just meant 'not odd'. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

March 31st

  • I've just implemented a fairly cool new feature that we need your help to fully test (see your account options). Before you do anything, however, please see the Announcements section of the Paradox Forums for full information. Have fun and please report any bugs you find!

April 2nd

  • Well, it's that time of the year, and those wascawwy wabbits are back again! Hey, at least now you'll be able to make sure you take some damage and check out the awesome new force-feedback mouse technology thing properly, right? Oh... Yeah. About that. As fun and awesome as that would have been, it was all just April Fool's Day shenanigans on our behalf. Ain't we stinkers?

April 5th

  • RFX listeners will notice a new addition to the /radio chat channel in the form of an NPC called "Radiohead" who will provide you with regular updates on the stream. Feedback/suggestions appreciated.

April 23rd

  • I just discovered that our hosting provider rebooted the game server right in the middle of intermission last night, so the game never came out of maintenance mode. Sorry about that.

April 25th

  • The database server crashed overnight, but has now been fixed. I'm trying to find out from the hosting provider why this happened, but I'm not holding my breath for a reasonable response.
  • Server load is still an ongoing issue, but the game is back up. I'll keep on top of the hosting provider as well as I can, and keep you updated either here or through the forums/twitter if anything changes.
  • In other news, the wabbit hunter appears to have been wandering through the city, taking back all his shiny magic helmets. What a strange little man.

May 6th

  • The clock on the server pitched some kind of a hissy fit and failed to run intermission at the right time. I'll keep an eye on it tomorrow.
  • The system clock is still playing up and, if the system alerts are happening now, it looks like intermission will happen in about 15 minutes. There's nothing I can do about it from here.
  • Intermission happened very (VERY) early today, but will still happen again tonight at normal time. Lucky for some I guess.

May 20th

  • From approximately 1:30PM game time tomorrow, the game will be placed into Maintenance mode in order to migrate to a new (and hopefully lag-free) server. Please see the News & Announcements section of the game forums for details.

May 21st

  • Migration to the new server is now complete! Hopefully that's the end of the lag... at least for a while.
  • Timezone on the new server was set to the wrong timezone so intermission happened really really early again. Fortunately it also didn't happen properly so apart from a couple of minutes of that maintenance page, nothing actually happened. I plan to be monitoring this tonight just in case there are further issues.

May 30th

  • Spiff's "End of Spring Fling" chat event starts in about 15 minutes. Come join us in chat for some games, prizes, and highly entertaining chatty shenanigans.

July 4th

  • SallyFox's (#1245) super-exciting July Fourth chat event starts in just a minute or so. Stop by chat for some good company and even gooderer prizes and stuff. Happy ending guaranteed! Probably.

July 12th

  • All moderators now have the ability to see everything said in chat (apart from private messages), even if they're not logged in. It's no big deal but you probably should be aware of it. Privacy and all that.

July 14th

Beta progress is progressing. Slowly, but surely. In the meantime, since so many of you have been asking, there's a new Limited Edition Item in the Token Gear (TM) store! It's kinda cool. In fact, it's the cat's pajamas... or part thereof.

August 29th

  • For anyone wondering, the new packages will be openable soon. As soon as I know when that is, I'll post an update. In the meantime, enjoy the shininess.

Nov 6, 2010

  • Another outfit has been added to the game. Its purpose is currently Unknown.
  • The drop rate for probably milk has been doubled due to multiple requests. Hopefully things will be significantly milkier for those who want it.

Dec 9, 2010

There are a couple of important game updates in the forums. Head on over there for information you NEED to know. For those who don't *do* forums... tough. Start now or miss out.

Dec 12, 2010

By special request of Sallyfox, chat just got a little bit more Christmassy... ish... thing. Ha! Bumhugs!

Dec 23, 2010

24 Hour Yule Chat Party starts NOW!!!! Actually a few minutes ago. And it might be more than 24 hours. And... Oh look, just go into chat and get some cool prizes and hang out and stuff, OK? Excellent. Glad we got that sorted.

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