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This is not your average timid pigeon foraging for scraps and trying to con you out of the last piece of the sandwich you were very much enjoying. This bird has had a brush with death and is now out for revenge. After ingesting a pulse quickenin' drop of strychnine it has mutated into the monstrosity that is now trying to peck your eyes out.

Opponent Level Information

Opponent Level:

Power Level: 10

Attack Rating: 9

Defence Rating:


Combat Messages

Initiative Message(s):

  • Unfortunately, you're too busy watching the pretty birdy to realise the danger, and the pigeon attacks first!

Successful Attack(s):

  • It readies to attack you, but suddenly begins to cough uncontrollably until it spits out a cyanide coated peanut, which hits you in the leg and causes X POISON DAMAGE.
  • You discover that life is in fact neither skittles nor beer as it pecks you in the arm for X POISON DAMAGE!

Missed Attack(s):

  • The pigeon tries to attack you but can't resist the urge to try and hide.
  • It flies toward you really fast, but gets its beak stuck in a tree beside you. Oh man, gotta love slapstick.
  • It tries to peck you in the knee but misses.







This opponent and much of the opponent descrption and combat texts are references to Tom Lehrer's hit comedy song, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park", which Grokly used to play quite often in his comedy show.

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