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Store description

You've fought all your battles and won a bunch of games, and now it's time to claim your prize. At least, we hope that's what you've done, because unless you have a whole bunch of those little orange tickets, you're not going to get much from here.

Arranged on a stack of shelves within this brightly coloured booth are a number of pretty cool prizes that you can trade your tickets for.. umm, for which you can trade your tickets. We know what we mean.

Store Currency

Prizetkt.png prize tickets

Items Sold

Image] Item Name Price
Bighand.png big inflatable hand 100 prize tickets
Bigspecs.png oversized novelty sunglasses 250 prize tickets
Paddleball.png elastic bat-a-ball 500 prize tickets
Toygiraffe.png big stuffed giraffe 750 prize tickets
Hibounce.png Mi-T-Bounce(TM) rubber ball 1000 prize tickets
Springy.png rainbow plastic springy 2000 prize tickets
Costumebag.png Beige Hornet superhero costume 3000 prize tickets
Dicegen.png holographic pair o' dice 10000 prize tickets



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