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A rock in a sock? What a shock! You could use it to clock a jock in the... face. What am I, Dr. Seuss? Sheesh!

Type: weapon (Melee)
Class: Club
Hands: 1
Attack: 60
Cost of TP on use: N/A
Damage Type: Physical
Autosell value: 198

Cannot be discarded
Can be autosold
Can be stored
Can be traded

Outfit name: N/A

Plural: sets of rock-in-a-sock
Bonus: +3 to Brawn, +3 to Bravado, +3 to Opponent Level

Obtained From

When Used In Combat

Successful Attack(s):

  • You assail your opponent with your rock-in-a-sock. Heel, toe! Heel, toe! You cause X damage.
  • You rock-in-a-sock your opponent's rocks off for X damage.
  • You pummel your opponent with your rock-in-a-sock for X damage. Unlike oranges-in-a-sock, this is sure to leave a bruise!

Missed Attack(s):

  • You twirl your rock-in-a-sock above your head and pass out from the odour.
  • You swing your rock-in-a-sock at your opponent but you lose your grip on the sweaty thing and have to go retrieve it.
  • You cock your rock-in-a-sock at your opponent's block... and then can't stop giggling long enough to hit.

Fumble Message(s):

  • You twirl your rock-in-a-sock above your head but forget how much that rock weighs and it clobbers you in the brainpan for 5 damage!




kareneliot - 2 | littlemissy - 2 | Raiff - 2 | Rakkasan - 1 | Grokly - 1 | CommanderMack - 1 | Impalix - 1 | LGod - 1 | unknownZ - 1 | Dirxcec - 1

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