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2011: Once again, that crazy old man has buggered off out of Paradox City along with his stash of silly green leafy things and again, he's left a little something in your inventory, to be sure.

2010: There have been some changes in and around Zweit-Childer Mine, including a new zone and some new items and stuff. Enjoy.

  • Just fixed a bug where items that modify your or your opponent's stats in the middle of a fight wouldn't take effect until the next combat round.

2009: You can now "use another" or "use several more" of an item you just used/ate/drank/whatever, without needing to scroll down. Paradox! Proudly protecting Paracites from carpal tunnel syndrome (and exercise) since 2009.

  • Now you can enter how many turns you'd like to spend resting in your room. I wish I could do that in real life.

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