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Who is ElljaeT

ElljaeT is a member of the Dev Team. She is Aussie and is married to Gobberwart

ElljaeT's story

by DrWolf (#6) aka Philosoraptor

Everyone knows about the 'race for space' that took place in the 1960's. What they don't know is that the only reason Russia lost the race is because they were focused elsewhere: advanced robotics. Being so close to China, they knew it was just a matter of time before the million man army ran them over and took over the whole world, so they began building robotic soldiers.

Their first attempts were a series called the AA's. These consisted of AAA, AAB, AAC, etc. They were basically glorified can openers that could slice and dice, but were easily destroyed. Then there was the AB series, which was even worse. They could slice, dice, and shoot, but they couldn't aim. Many scientists died. The Russians tried building numerous other models, but consistently failed. Finally, they realized that they were going to need some help.

Their relationship with Australia had been hidden from the rest of the world for decades, and now they were required to call on their down under comrades. They flew the best Russian minds to Australia to meet with what is loosely called "the best Australian minds". Despite numerous arguments over structural design, the Russians and Australians managed to create a nearly perfect series of robots: the LI series.

The only problem with this series was that while they could kill a man in mere milliseconds, they would be recognized as robots from a mile away. Unfortunately, they didn't discover this flaw in the design until they actually used the robots in an attempted invasion. As the robots stormed across the borders into China, the Chinese recognized what the threat was and quickly developed a large EMP bomb that disabled all of the robots. Fortunately, China is NOT Japan, so the people of the nation were relatively unaffected.

One of the Australians who worked on the LI series took all of the information they'd compiled, determined to rebuild. This man, Dr. Govvers, had a few ideas in mind for how to fix the flaws with the previous series, mostly in the structural design area. Rather than calling the series the LJ series, he attempted to cover up what he was doing by using the project code name Elljae. He told many of his colleagues about the numerous improvements he'd made to the design, but the only real change was that he made the robots female and gave them enormous breasts. He sold ElljaeA through ElljaeS to Germany, who ultimately wound up using them in a series of porn films.

One night, while ridiculously drunk, Dr. Govvers watched one of the German films, and thought to himself, "Why not?" He pulled ElljaeT from the lab and did things to it/her that no man should ever do to a robot: he forced it/her to watch as he stripped down to tighty whities and played Pong on an ancient video game system. This enraged ElljaeT, who demolished said video game system with a single laser beam from her eye. She then turned and laughed at Govvers' tighty whities until he finally took them off in shame. Having never seen the naked male form before, T didn't know what to think. At first she was utterly disgusted, then her curiosity got the better of her.

Govvers decided that he'd better act fast and reprogram T as his wife before she went full circle to disgust again. It is after this that his name utterly disappears from public record. It is rumored that Dr. Govvers changed his name to Gobberwart, and he and ElljaeT still live somewhere in Australia, but there is no way of verifying this information since no one goes to Australia anymore. If he is still alive, a few things are certain: 1. He still has ElljaeU through ElljaeZ in his basement. 2. He probably does despicable things to them, then erases their memories afterward. 3. ElljaeT still laughs when she sees Govvers in his tighty whities.

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