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Below are quotes that I have from playing Kingdom Of Loathing

  • Loper polishes Spiff's crown for her.
  • Loper gives it a final buff and gently places it back in place on her highness.

  • Gobberwart: GO to your room, DON'T take the tequila, DON'T slam the door, DON'T ask me if your five minutes is up

  • Dr_Obvious: 743 hobo nickels, I can almost taste my monkey.

  • Pahnts: I'm not sure what to say about that, spiff... :P

  • Gobberwart says:i think he's pretty easy. i've done him before

  • Beastyclaire: and I mean that in a normal way, Spiff! Not in a beastiallity way! ;P

  • Whuknose: Is it perhaps too much to say my opponent hates babies?

  • gnoccislut: all I know is "how much you gonna pay, and what do you want"

  • gnocciSlut: well damnit, I can't even fight in the arena with my box of gonads

  • Beastyclaire: I rule Spiff, AKA, I am the Queen! :D

  • Gobberwart grabs spiff and holds her.. ok who's for spank-jelloing spiff?

  • cowmanbob first typed I'd mount that thing....then thought better of it

  • sigma_nightmare: *ahem* Spiff is getting clannies with a blow-what

  • the babe: ohhh cool used the cyborg hand and just slapped the bitch

  • Whuknose: Holy crap i was just banned for saying i was drug into the closet and violated by spiff >.>

  • the babe: im off time to get the kid ready for school have a great gay all

  • LesPaul: HAHAHA...I read that too quickly...spit shines her tittie LOL

  • JechT I wouldnt kick justin timberlake out on a cold night

  • elljaeT would rather not put too much though into her daughters alley

  • Gobberwart: dudeofthecountry14 is now known as prisonbitch14
  • Highwaywoman realizes that conversation has degenerated into "lol prison rape" but errr...

  • elljaeT: lol Jazzy Grokly's waving at dogs balls, spiff is in the gutter, Gob was slinging poo, I was farting and Beasty is off somewhere playing polly pocket with the jolly green giant

  • Spiff: <-----was innocent once
  • STCclanbot coughs! ....sweet and ass! :P

  • Spiff wishes her lawn was emo so it would cut its self
  • cowmanbob: LMAO Spiff

  • PsymonM77: I think Spiff just sent me a severed head in a box
  • Spiff: LMAO!

  • Spiff humps Les
  • LesPaul slaps Spiff and says Down Girl DOWN!!
  • Loper: Spiff is in quite the, eh, "mood" today.

  • Spiff is lost
  • Travoltus finds spiff
  • Spiff giggles
  • Grumpy_olde_farte puts out an Amber alert for Spiff...
  • Travoltus makes note of which gutter Spiff is in and leaves her to it

  • Beastyclaire is afk playing Polly Pocket...(dont ask) lol
  • Beastyclaire: lmao!! Thanks Spiff, I will use him wildly! >_< Rarw
  • Beastyclaire: heh, beats playing with Polly Pocket ;)

  • Spiff throws pickles at impy
  • Tiny Plastic IMPy: rawr~
  • Tiny Plastic IMPy puts them in her pants and proceeds to do a quite amazing impression of LW.

  • Travoltus gets mud in his eyes ans goes blind!
  • Spiff rips off her bathing suit and throws it LOL
  • gnocciSlut rolls spiff over and sits on her while she tries to get the mud outta her eyes
  • gnocciSlut: wait what?
  • gnocciSlut smashes spiffs butt into the mud
  • Spiff wiggles it in ya face
  • Travoltus: now THAT's a mudpack!
  • Travoltus needs mouth to mouth
  • Spiff pushes beasty toward trav
  • Beastyclaire sits on Travs face by accident >_>

  • TIny PlaStic impY puts on a tux and rings Gobb's doorbell, asking to take Spiffy to the prom.
  • Spiff puts on her best pair of spandex and begs to go
  • elljaeT fixes spiffy's hair with some lovely curls and ribbons
  • Gobberwart strokes his shotgun and reminds Impy to have her back by 11
  • Beastyclaire: Oh its never a dull day with Spiify :)