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A small piece of very tasty multicoloured taffy, full of sugary goodness. It's kind of fruity, sort of chewy, and definitely very yummy. The Wiki team likes to give these out to people for helping out. Guess it's better than a smiley face sticker.

Type: food
Autosell value: N/A
Turns on use: 11-14
Fullness: 1

Cannot be discarded
Cannot be autosold
Can be traded
Can be stored

Plural: pieces of Wiki Wacky Taffy

Obtained From

  • The Wiki Team gives these out to people who help edit the wiki.

When Consumed

You chew, chew, chooooooose to eat the taffy. Several minutes of blissful silence later (well, except for that disgusting chewing sound), you're done. Yum.



  • The wiki team reserves the right to distribute taffies as seen fit. Please do not beg or ask for your taffies if you have done work on this website. We are fair to everyone and want to keep it that way.
  • Prior to Sunday, January 17, 2010, these could be autosold for 5,000 moolah.


  • The "Wiki Wacky" part came from a pre-alpha forum post that Spiff titled "Wiki Wacky Tacky".
  • The statement "You chew, chew, chooooooose to eat the taffy." is a play off of a The Simpsons episode where Lisa gives Ralph an 'I Choo Choo Choose You' valentines card.
  • The statement "Guess it's better than a smiley face sticker." refers to Harvey Ball's smiley face design which was originally created to encourage people to do good deeds, but now is over-popularized in schools to reward good deeds, however not leaving that statement to the students.


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