Dev Team

"It's not what we do, it's who we are."

Listed below are the members of the Paradox! The Musical Dev (Development) Team. You know, the ones that are more or less responsible for coding the game, populating it with content and generally causing trouble. You can recognise them by their chat icons, which are unique, or by the rank section in their in-game profile which says 'Developer'.

Game Dev Team Members

Members of the game dev team have privileged access to certain things within the game, and as such do not appear in game leaderboards. Because that would be cheating.

The current members of the game development team (in Player ID order) are as follows:

Wiki Dev Team Members

The members listed below are those that helped create, and develop the wiki from the very beginning. The current members of the wiki development team are as follows:

To see the other members of the wiki administration team please click here: Wiki Team. These are members that have been picked to help monitor the wiki.

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