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Grokly timetunnel01.gif

Grokly is a member of the Paradox Dev Team, concentrating primarily on game mechanics/balance and project management with a heavy dose of content writing and graphics design thrown in here and there.

In real life, Grokly plays a Quality Assurance engineer, overworked, underpaid and still in search of time to write that novel he's been threatening to write his entire life. What, exactly, is a Quality Assurance engineer? He's the dude that has to prove to software engineers why their code is faulty so a decent product can be launched and the one who gets the blame for any bugs in that product that are found by customers in the field. Sounds like fun don't it? You should consider it as a career if you are young and wish to see the love of life crushed from your bones. Nah... it's not that bad. Seriously.

Grokly is older than you and your mom.

Grokly is easier than you and your mom.

... Okay, maybe not your mom.