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Listed below are the outfits in the game, each outfit is made up of specific items. The name of the outfit is listed in bold and the items that make up the outfit are listed to the right of that.

Outfit Name

Outfit Table

Outfit Name Gloves Hats Bling Weapons Shirts Off Hand Belts Pants Shoes Accessories Ring 1 Ring 2
Alpha Launch Noobmask.png Alphashirt.png Alphabag2.png
Beginner's Basics Hairnet.png Blueshirt.png Trackdacks.png Flipflop.png
Beige Hornet Costume Heromask.png Herocape.png Herotights.png Heroring.png
Cheese Duds Cheesehelm.png Cheesestein.png Cheesepants.png Cheesetie.png
Devil's Advocates Imphorns.png Impfork.png Imptail.png
Emerald Ensemble Chaunhat.png Chauncoat.png Chaunpants.png Chaunshoes.png
Fantsy Dress Anthelm.png Antarmour.png Antspants.png
Festive Finery Paprhat.png Wetgun.png Xmashrt07.png Smilering.png
Freddy's Finery Fedora.png Fredglove.png Fredshirt.png Brnslacks.png
Jogger's Getup (And Go) Hypershirt.png Jogshorts.png Fncyshoe.png
Jolly red suit Santahat.png Santacoat.png Santabelt.png Santaboots.png
Mining Gear Minehat.png Pickaxe.png Minecoat.png Dungarees.png
Mimic's Gimmicks Mimehat.png Mimeshirt.png
Monstrous Monstrosities Frankhands.png Frankhat.png Frankshirt.png Frankpants.png Frankboots.png
Nurse Uniform Nursecap.png Nursepinny.png Thermometer.png
Ranch Dressing Tengallonhat.png Sharifbadge.png Cowboyshirt.png
Scientific Suit Labcoat.png Pocketcalc.png Schpants.gif Luckytie.png
Stylish Stinky Suit Binbaggloves.png Binbagmask.png Binbagcloak.png Binbagbund.png
Tricksy Treater Witchhat.png Ghostsheet.png Pumpkinbucket.png
Token Togs Tokenglov.png Tokencap.png Tokenbling.png Tokentee.png Tokentali.png Tokenbelt.png Tokenpant.png Tokenshoe.png Tokenapp.png Tokenring.png Tokenring.png
Vampyric Vestments Widowwig.png Flapdap.png Dresspants.png Shinyshoes.png Faketeef.png
Wabbit's Wawdwobe Bunnyears.png Bunnycoat.png Bunnytail.png Bunnyfeet.png Bunnyteeth.png


  • It is possible to wear two outfits at one time, for example one can wear the Jogger's Getup (And Go) outfit and the Devil's Advocates outfit at the same time.
  • If an outfit contains a ring it must be equipped in the Ring 1 slot for the outfit to be unlocked. The only exception is the Token Togs.

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