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The option to reset can be found in the accounts menu when all available tasks are complete.

Before you decide to reset, please make sure you read the following FAQ.

Q: Huh?

A: Until we complete the full game story line, which is going to take some time, there's no narratively plausible way to let people start again, but in order to fully test everything, and hopefully provide everyone with something to do other than mining or power-levelling, we've provided a handy-dandy reset function, which will let you go back and do everything again. If that's the kind of thing you enjoy.

Q: So, what will happen? Updated

A: Basically:

  • Your equipped equipment and non-permanent installed devices will be unequipped/uninstalled;
  • Your items will be moved from your backpack to a special storage area;
  • Your character will be reset to level 1;
  • Your proficiences will go back to defaults;
  • All quests will be reset.

Q: Wait, my character gets reset to level 1?

A: Yes, but we keep complete records of all your previous achievements, so nothing you've done so far will be forgotten.

Q: Ok, will I lose anything?

A: Apart from a handful of special items, that aren't storable or tradeable anyway, absolutely not. All your historical data, leaderboards, items, mail etc. will stay exactly as they are.

Q: Will I be able to access all my stuff after I reset? Updated

A: Not immediately, no. In order to make things a little bit challenging, a number of restrictions will be imposed on you for a little while after reset. For example, you will not be able to access ANYTHING from your stash, showcase or mall store. You WILL be able to access items that are currently in your backpack, but it will cost you. No, I'm not going to spell it out here, that's just a risk you'll have to take.

Q: What about any stats/turns/HP/TP etc I have currently?

A: Those belong to your current run, and will be kept with it for historical (or hysterical) purposes. Your new run will start with its own information.

Q: Are there any leaderboards for this? Updated

A: Yes, there are, however as new content is added, existing reset counts/leaderboards will be archived somewhere, and new ones started. This will probably happen several times over the coming months. You will still be able to view archived leaderboards, but the stats on them will be almost meaningless in relation to anything but themselves.

Q: If I continue, can I change my mind?

A: No. If you're not absolutely sure you want to do this, then don't do it. Talk to people in chat if you'd like further information. Let's Do This Thing

If you have read all of this, and you're sure you FULLY understand what will happen, check the box that indicates your understanding, and then click "Reset" to continue, otherwise just walk away and nobody'll get hurt.

I confirm that I have read this and I know what I'm doing, and solemnly promise not to complain about it if something happens that I was warned about but didn't read properly.



  • Reset restrictions are lifted upon defeating legion, you must defeat Legion in order to reset
  • Theoretically, the least turns required to complete a reset is 12. This is because the Ant Quest takes at minimum 5 turns, and the Legion quest takes at minimum 7 turns. You would have to level up with food and drink and items such as Holographic pair o' dice.
  • Since there is no limit to the amount of turns you can have at one time, the least amount of days required to complete a reset is, and will always be, 1.

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