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This, apparently, is Burt's Awards and seems to be a store where you can buy trophies, certificates and various other award-type paraphernalia. The store keeper, is a somewhat tubby old guy wearing... well, it looks an awful lot like a superhero mask. Odd. Judging by the big "B" on his sweatshirt, you guess he's probably Burt.

Burt's on the phone as you enter.

"No, look I've told you before, Adam's Vests is NOT at this number! No, I don't care, that's all in the past now! Holy convoluted references!"

Burt slams down the phone and takes a couple of seconds to compose himself before turning to you with a slightly forced smile.

"Well, hey there ----," he says, "Nice of you to stop by! As you can see, I sell a bunch of awards, which you can buy from me at a reasonable price, provided (of course) that you qualify for them."

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  • Opened on Sunday, Jan 25th 2009.
  • All awards are 500 moolah.
  • (When you buy an award) "Holy <something>, <playername>!" "Award "<awardname>" has been installed in your profile."
  • <Something> may be: decorations, distinctions, shiny things


  • This is a reference to Burt Ward who played Robin alongside Adam West's Batman.
  • Adam's Vests is a reference to Adam West.

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