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You're rather boringly minding your own business, when a booming voice comes from behind you.

"Hey McFlea! I thought I told you never to come in here again!"

You turn around to see a hulking great bully and his cronies, bearing down on you.

"Heyy, wait a minute! You're not McFlea!" says the bully, looking puzzled.

After a minute, his face clears. "Never mind," he continues, "you'll do." "See, I've got this assignment due in half an hour, and you look like just the dork to do it for me."

He holds out a stack of books, while his cronies cackle menacingly and look threatening.

Combat Messages

Taunt the bully

Summoning all your courage, you face up to the bully and calmly say "Begone, thou rank scurvy-valiant clack-dish!"

The bully looks around at his cronies, who all shrug and look confused, then turns back to you and says "Your mom!".

Then he and his friends wander off, scratching their heads.

"That's right," you say, mostly under your breath, "Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!"

Wow, that was brave!


Shove the bully

"Who do you think you are, big guy?" you say, and shove the bully in the chest as hard as you can.

The bully isn't moved by your puny shove, but raises himself up to his full height and looks at you threateningly.

"You're going to shove me? Huh?" he says, cracking his knuckles, "You're lucky I gotta get this assignment done, or I'd pound you!"

He turns to his cronies and says "Come on guys, let's go find some other dork!", and off they go.

Whew! That was close! At least your arms got a good workout.


Do the bully's assignments

"Yes sir, right away sir," you say, and take the bully's books to a corner of the room, where you spend half an hour finishing his assignment before timidly giving it back to him.

"Hey, thanks butthead!" says the bully, "By the way, your shoe's untied!"

Wow, how soft are you? Oh well, at least you learned something new.


Or at least, you would if that was possible.




  • This whole adventure is a reference to the 1985 film 'Back to the future.' McFlea is a take on the main characters surname 'McFly' and the use of the term 'Butthead' is a reference to the bullys constant use of the term. [1]
  • "Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!" is a line from a French soldier in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. [2]

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