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Well, hi there! Welcome to Florist Gump! Oh sure, I know what you're thinkin'. Kinda obvious name for a florist, ain't it? I can't help it, I just named the store after myself.

Tom Florist, at your service.

Anyhow, this here's my store, and I sell all kinds of nice, tasteful gifts that you could buy for your momma, or, you know, for someone else you like.

Heck, buy a gift and I'll even deliver it for you, free of charge!

All you have to do is pick out a gift, then choose your preferred delivery method, and finally write a nice message and... well, that's all I have to say about that.

Items Sold

Seasonal Items

Image Item Name Price
Card valentine.png Valentine's Day card 25 moolah
Lollipop.png lollipop 100 moolah
Multirose.png multi-stemmed rose 250 moolah
Heartsoaponarope.png Valentine's soap-on-a-rope 400 moolah
Heartshapedbox.png heart-shaped box of chocolates 500 moolah
Balloonsteek.png balloon... on a steek 1,000 moolah
Travelersmug.png Valentine's traveler's mug 1,250 moolah
Giftwine.png Valentwine (TM) 2,500 moolah
Sexyteddy.png sexy teddy 5,000 moolah

Standard Items
Image Item Name Price
Card anniversary.png anniversary card 25 moolah
Card birthday.png birthday card 25 moolah
Singleredrose.png single red rose 100 moolah
Rpkeychain.gif relatively personalized keychain 200 moolah
Lifechocolates.png box of "Life" chocolates 500 moolah
Smileyfaceballoon.png smiley-face balloon 1,000 moolah
Pottedviolets.png potted violets 1,250 moolah
Giftwrappedwine.png gift-wrapped bottle of fine wine 2,000 moolah
Stdbouquet.png STD bouquet 3,000 moolah
Othensemble.png Over-The-Hill gift ensemble 4,000 moolah


  • Opened February 14th 2009.
  • (When you send a message) "Your gift will be delivered to <Player Name> as soon as possible! Thanks for your business!"
  • Messages must be between 10-255 characters.
  • Attempting to send a message to yourself yields the message "You want to send a gift to yourself? Come on now, why don't I just give you a hug instead?"
  • There are seven different delivery methods available.
  • On Valentines Day the heading says this: I do have something to say about something else. Since it's Valentine's Day, we have some special items in stock. Feel free to pick up something for your significant other, or others. Momma always said it's polite to buy gifts for folks on holidays.


  • The name is a reference to the film Forest Gump The button you click to send your gift says "Run, florist, run" which is parody on a quote from this film.

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