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Below are all of the items and effects that affect your chance of fumbling during combat.


Image Item Name

Source Type

Fumble Rate


Canstilts.png Stilts Shoe 5% Always -5% chance of getting Initiative in a fight
, +5% to Stat Gains per fight, Obtained From Second-hand Sideshow
Softgloves.png Exquisitely tailored leather gloves Glove -5% Always Obtained From Shifty-looking company-guy
Paddleball.png Elastic bat-a-ball Ranged weapon -100% Always Obtained From Prize Booth for 500 prize tickets


  • Fumbling isn't avoidable even with a -100% fumble rate, there is always a chance to fumble.
  • The base chance for fumbling is 1/22 or 4.5%. This chance is the same for both player and opponents. Players however can alter their fumble rates with equipment and effects. Fumbling however isn't preventable and will never go below 1% chance to fumble, and likewise, fumbling isn't guaranteed, it will never go above 99% chance to fumble.

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