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Listed below are all of the updates that occurred during 2014.

March 21st

Thanks to player generosity, I am no longer moving Paradox to a cheaper hosting provider so ignore the previous update. Thanks guys and girls, you rock.

March 25th

Downtown is now open for adventuring, and the Lifespark pets have had a minor tweak to their special drops. Stay tuned for more in the very near future.

March 28th

The wooden jug can once again be used from the consumables screen.

April 5th

CeruleanArcher's chat icon was changed to: CeruleanArcher.png

April 26th

Woss Wobinson has kindly sent a small gift in appreciation for players who helped him "Kill da Wabbits" this Easter hunting season. Not so kindly, he has taken back his prized "magic" helmet.

And yes, even the one he forgot to reclaim a couple of years ago. Players who happened to be around for Easter 2012 might find a little extra something in their inventory.

May 20th

New items/recipes on their way any minute now. As are nerfs. HOORAY! said the citizens, ironically. Check the forum for information.

May 22nd

There are several new, damp, items in the Paradox universe.

May 23rd

A minor bug related to adding new items to player stores has been squished.

June 1st

The Paradox community extends its sympathy to the family of DJ Toothless, who passed away early Sunday morning in the United States. An original DJ and station manager with Radio Free Xangaka, Toothless provided many hours of wonderful music and fun over the years. He will be missed.

June 4th

Crisis averted. A fairly major bug affecting mail/trade involving moolah has been fixed. Please report a bug if there are any further related issues related to moolah, either in mail/trade, or anywhere else in the game.

June 5th

For big bug zappage, I'm pleased to announce the award of a big bug zapper to... Spiff.

August 7th

Just working on a rather large chunk of code for the next update and suddenly realised I may have inadvertently released a new outfit into the wild. This should be interesting.

October 28th

Tonight's longer-than-normal intermission was caused by me doing... well, nothing much really. As always, let me know if you encounter anything unusual. And here's a tip: you may want to save some turns for the next couple of days. Just in case.

October 30th

The quest "Get A Real Job" is currently in development. You should be able to ignore it for now and just go about your business as before.

For players who enjoy dressing up in silly outfits and hunting for goodies, this year's Halloween content might just be right up your dark and spooky alley.

October 31st

To avoid confusion, that non-existent quest has been disabled until it's actually working. Shouldn't be much longer.

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