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Your stomach is your indication as to how much food you've consumed and how much more you are able to consume in any given day. You can see how full (or empty, for you pessimists) your stomach is by observing the yellow meter (It's the one labeled "Stomach", genius) in your character pane. Each food item gives you one or more stomach points per consumption. By default, you may consume up to 15 stomach points worth of food per day. If you have stomach points available but are unable to consume any food, then the food you are attempting to consume requires more points than you have available. Since you can't eat half of something, you'll need to select a different food item to consume. If your stomach is full, you must wait until Intermission for it to be "emptied" before you may consume any more. Alternatively, there is another way to potentially reduce some of your stomach points.


When you are completely full and try to eat more this comes up:

  • You can't fit that into your stomach.

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