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Every day, at midnight, Paradox time (09:30a GMT), the game servers are taken offline to perform a number of maintenance tasks as follows:

  • Create a full backup of the database
  • Increase day counters
  • Increase all players' turns by 50, plus any bonus turns from items (to a maximum of 250)
  • Reset daily statistics (food/drink consumption, mining permit, device operations etc.)
  • Select new items for leaderboards
  • Delete old chat messages (more than 2 days old)
  • Delete new user accounts that have not been activated (more than 2 days old)
  • Other, less noteworthy, stuff

At present this takes only a few seconds, but any players who are logged on at the time will need to log on again once intermission is complete.


  • Although the game is only offline for a very short time each day, players may notice a small amount of slowness, or lag, for a short time after intermission. This is a direct result of the requirement to transfer the backup files offsite, and should not have any major impact on anything. It just might be noticable. If you're the kind of person who notices these things. Otherwise, please don't notice this notice.
  • The 250 turn maximum is further increased by "special" + turns at intermission gear.


  • While there are many references to music in the game, the term "intermission" is one of the very few references to a staged musical production as incorporated in the game's name itself.

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