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Most of the things you will be doing will require a "Turn" to perform. "Turns Remaining" will tell you how many more turns you have left to use today. The number of turns you have is limited, so use them wisely! How do you get turns to use? Well, each night at Intermission you will receive 50 more turns to use the next day. You can also eat and drink to increase the number of turns you have available, and there are several other things you can do to get more. A very important point to remember is that, while there is theoretically no limit to how many turns you can get, any turns remaining at Intermission will be cut off at 250. You should make sure you use enough turns in any given day so that your turns remaining aren't lost.


There is no limit to the amount of turns you can have, thanks to Holographic pair o' dice. Rolling 3 or 11 restores 3 fullness or bladder and you can roll until you run out of TP. Since there is no limit to the amount of TP you can have, there is no limit to the amount of turns you can have.

However, the most turns possible for anyone to have without the Holographic pair o' dice at any time is 1,372. This is only achievable by consuming the best food and drinks possible, along with the best intermission turns equips. You must have 200 or more turns at the end of the day, so your intermission turns will max it to 250. You must then equip:

This will take the number of turns when you log on the next day up to 300.

You must next consume a total of 7 of either

Giving 700 turns for 14 fullness. This will leave you with 1 fullness. For this, you must consume

Assuming the best and 14 is given, you now have 1014 turns.

You must next consume of a total of 7 of either

Giving 350 turns for 14 bladder. This will leave you with 1 bladder. For this, you must consume one of the following:

Using this method, you have 300 turns from intermission, a further 714 turns (assuming the Wiki Wacky Taffy gave you 14) from food, and 358 turns (assuming you received 8 from the secondary drink) giving a total of 1,372 turns.

These items are not needed because they cannot go over the intermission cap but if worn allows the wearer to hold over 184+ turns instead of 200+:

The highest turn value using renewable food sources is:

This gives the user a total of 630 turns.

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