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Dyrish people are well known for their charming behaviour. Or at least, their charming accents, which basically mean they could tell you to go and do awful things to your grandmother and you'd just smile and say "Awwww".

Since you almost certainly can't do the accent, you hope that pinning this shiny badge to your shirt (or wherever) will convince people that you really are Dyrish, that you think the world of them, and that this, in turn, will make them nicer to you! Clever, hey? shamWOW!

Type: bling
Defence: 30
Autosell value: N/A

Cannot be discarded
Cannot be autosold
Cannot be traded
Can be stored

Outfit name: N/A

Plural: "You shamROCK" badges
Bonus: +1 turn at Intermission, +5 to Bravado, -3 to Opponent Level, -3% to Moolah-based NPC Store Prices

Drop Location



  • The items name and description both have references to the popular infomercial shammy, ShamWOW! In the title it is done by changing the interjection from "WOW!" to "You ROCK!" leaving you with a pun.


Fizzbin - 1 | Grokly - 1 | unknownZ - 1 | Werecat - 1 | LordCretin - 1 | Spiff - 1 | Babbins - 1

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